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Captain Tac Feedback 

We value your feedback as Customer care is our 1st Priority whether its Product, Service or both we are here for you.


We think its so important that we have two sites to submit a Review on Captain Tac and read the other reviews that folks have left.  Click on either link below

Below please find previous feedback we have gotten before the new service.


From Jan

Date: 05-28-21

About: Service and Product

Captain Tac is the place to go if  you need any fishing supplies you need to go to Captain Tac first because they will get it for u at a great price its the only place I get my gear they will do there best to get it to you for me john and his crew will do everything they can to satisfy your needs he is a great guy and has the best company to order from


I got a new Rod  and reel combo  that they helped me pick out and  it is the best one I ever had in my hand I truly love it and I love it for the smallies around here 


I want to thank him for making my fishing trips enjoyable thanks to captain Tac 

From James

Date: 05-02-21

About: Service

Thank you for the quick reply, will look over your recommendations. You’ve been a big help already. 

From Craig

Date: 02-18-2021

About: Service

Thank you for your prompt reply and thank you for your recommendation. Have a great weekend too.

Thank you! 

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