Hey Captain How do I

get to the Members only page?

1. Look at the top of the screen on the far right hand side of the menu bar  you will see one of two things

     A. The word Member if you see this your not logged in and you need to be.

     B. Your user login Name.

2. Select you user Name

3. Scroll down and Select Members Only.

see all of the items you have on your site?  Like a catalog.

1. Look at the top of the screen on the menu bar you will see a option called More on the menu and in that list is entire store select that.


2. Find the sort you will have  a number of options to choose how to sort  find the best for viewing for your needs we hope. This sort option top of the page and to the right side (not on the menu bar but on the page itself.


3. You will then be able to see page after page of the site items we offer (its also a way for you just to view the new items we have added if you sort that way.


4. There are number of pages no matter how you sort for your first time I would recommend going through the entire site. At the bottom of the page you will find Load More on the page your on until you get to the end of the store.

order and get my gift card?

Most of us are familiar with gift cards, you walk into the store and see a rack of plastic cards you choose the card you want and you take it to the cashier and purchase it. Our gift cards are Digital this gives you great flexibility in choosing an exact dollar amount and you don't need to mess with envelops and stamps and sending it off.


You will have three ways of getting it to your recipient:

  • Text it to a Cell phone (us only)

  • Email it

  • Print it 

Information you will be asked for:

  • Sender 

  • Recipient

  • Personalized message

  • A Picture (if wanted)

  • The date you want it sent

  • How you want it sent


Each gift card has a a unique number this number is very important as its what is used to redeem the card and track balances.  If its lost not to worry we got your back, just let us know we will send it again.

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